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Clicking sound coming from motor

i have 2001 saturn l200 about 150000 miles…on cold days i hear a clicking sound coming from motor.when i push on gas pedal the clicking get little larder as soon the car warms up its stops clicking.i had the timing replace.battery oil.oil pressure check

If the clicking is rapid and speeds up at the same rate as the engine speeds up, it is likely your valves actuating mechanism. Hydraulic valve actuators rely on hydraulic pressure to actuate the valves. When the valve gear wears out, overnight the oil can drain out leaving clearance when you start up and this causes the clicking.

As the oil warms up , the system fills upo and the clicking disappears.

We normally say that slight ticking when cold is not much to worry about. If the valve gear is noisy when warmed up, you definitely need to have some work done. In any case, I would take the car to a good indenpndent mechanic, preferably familiar with Saturns and have the valves adjusted if necessary.

if it is the valve gear how much wound i be looking at to have it repair

Which Engine Have You Got ?
Do You Think It Relates To Colder Weather ?
Are You Positive The Noise Comes From The Engine, Internally ?

GM Put Out A Technical Service Bulletin To Help Their Technicians Diagnose A Clicking/Ticking Noise Coming From The Engine Compartment In 2000 - 2001 Saturn L Series Vehicles Equipped With DOHC 2.2L Engines, During Cold Ambient Temperatures.

In some of these vehicles the EVAP Canister Purge Solenoid creates the noise. The valve is located on the air filter housing and that amplifies the sound so that allows it to be heard in the passenger compartment.

The location of the sound can fool even technicians and that’s why the TSB was published. You can buy an Automotive Stethoscope for about $15 at Sears or an Auto Parts store or use a length of hose with one end near your ear to probe the engine compartment for the location of the sound. Check out that purge

BE CAREFUL around a running engine. Don’t have any loose clothing and don’t probe any moving parts. Keep hands and body away the engine.

The noise is annoying, but not harmful. The fix is to replace the purge solenoid with a revised part and a couple other parts as outlined in TSB # 01-T-16.


i have a 2.2 4clyd…no it done it about two years ago and i had to get new motor.yes i do think its coming from engines

The 2.2L is a 4 Cyl.
The 2.2L DOHC is a 4 Cyl.

I don’t know which 4 cylinder you’ve got.

Don’t like the EVAP purge solenoid possibility ?

How about piston slap ?


i don’t thank its piston slap.i have 2.2l DOHC 4 cyl

Even A 2.2L DOHC 4 cylinder can develop piston slap. One characteristic is the clicking sound that subsides as the engine warms. Some Saturn Forums Discuss This Issue.

How have you ruled out the EVAP Purge Valve and piston slap, both ?
Is there a certain diagnosis that you’re hoping for here ?
Neither one of these items is immediately catastrophic.


I do believe that engine has mechanical lifters pushing straight down from the cam lobe to the valve stem (no rockers) and these valvetrains are known to be noisy when cold. A valve lash adjustment may help. With 150K on the clock, I’ll bet it would.

i think it EVAP Purge Valve becaues it makes clicking sound when i start the car…if i unplug it its stops clicking

and i plug it back in its starts clicking agin

Nice work.

i just like to say thank you for your help

I Got A Little Confused Along The Way, But It Seems That You’ve Found The EVAP Purge Valve To Be The Problem And If You’re Thanking Us For Helping You With That, You’re Welcome !

well i put the new EVAP Purge Valve in last night…today i start the car and started to clicking so i unplug the new EVAP Purge Valve and it stop clicking and i plug it back in and started clicking…