Clicking sound coming motor

i have a 2001 saturn l200.about 2 weeks ago i got a oil change done.then just 2 days ago i hard a clicking sound coming from the motor as the car werms up the car stops clicking…it does this wen i start the car up…

Worn lifters or valves. When the motor is cold everything shrinks down and you can hear the valves tapping. Once you get some heat in the motor everything expands and tightens up so the clicking stops.

how much will that cost me…

Whoever did the oil change might not have put the correct amount of oil back in after draining out the old… I did that once on a car I had and it did tick a little until I filled it to the proper level.

Mystic. The oil change place may have not properly filled your oil when they did the change, or they may have not tightened the drain plug. Check you oil level on the dipstick asap. If no oil, don’t start or drive the car until you find out why.

Let’s assume the oil level is ok. Some clicking at start up is normal for a car of that vintage. It could be a lot of things, lifters among them, but it could just be an accessory like the alternator showing signs of wear. The mystery is why the clicking started soon after the oil change. If the oil level is ok on the dip stick, and there’s no indication of low oil pressure on the dashboard indicators, then it is possible the oil shop put in a lower viscosity oil than is recommended for your car. If so, the sol’n is to change the oil out again and put in the proper viscosity oil. Check your owner’s manual for what the manufacturer recommends.

If this started right after the oil change and was never there before, then I certainly hope that you checked the oil level immediately. You may also have gotten an oil filter with a bad anti-drainback valve & its taking a while for the valve train to get oiled up.

You could have the wrong oil filter or one with a defective anti-drain back valve. This could make the lifters clack until the filter fills with oil.

It could also be an issue with oil viscosity.
Either the new oil is too thin or the old oil was thick and hiding signs of engine wear.