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Car makes a clicking sound

i have a 2001 saturn l200.on monday i went outside to start the car and i hard i clicking sound coming from motor i did have a new battery put so i push on the gas a little bit i hear it clicking as soon the car werms up its stop clicking and i did have a oil change done

The first time it clicked, did the car start, or was a new battery needed? How many miles on the car? How often do you change the oil?? Sounds like two different “clicking” problems…

yea the car start right has about 140.000 miles

i change oil about every 3000 miles

I suspect your lifters.

I could be wrong, but I believe you have non-hydraulic mechanical lifters, set up to be pushed directly from the cam lobes and to push directly on the valve stems (no rocker arms) and I believe these have to be readjusted periodically. The adjustment is technically called “valvelash”.

The attached drawing should help undnerstand how it’s assembled.

well i went to shop today thay told me it was lifter…he said put some lucas oil trement in it…the motor oil i use 5w30 mobil1