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EVAP Purge Valve

i have a 2001 saturn l200 2.2…well i put the new EVAP Purge Valve in last night…today i start the car and started to clicking so i unplug the new EVAP Purge Valve and it stop clicking and i plug it back in and started clicking…

The EVAP purge valve is controlled by the ECU from the information the ECU receives from the Intake Air Temperature sensor. You might check if the IAT sensor is defective.


i have the IAT sensor check out it came back good…

I’m not sure what the question is. Clicking means it’s working. You want the purge valve to work, right?

I agree with @asemaster

If the purge valve’s clicking is disturbing you, turn up the tunes.
If you leave it unplugged, the check engine light will come on and you’ll fail the smog inspection.

i have the car about 10 years and the purge valve never click before when it does start makeing that clicking sound the car starts to run like shit

Thank you for that information.
Now we understand why you want to change the purge valve.
It is possible that the evap purge valve is not the root cause of the problem
I think this problem needs to be diagnosed and repaired by a competent shop that works on GM
By replacing the purge valve you are “shooting the messenger”