Click Click noise front wheel/s Passat 02 wagon

Turning wheels somewhat sharpely, like going out of the drive way onto street causes click click . . noise. Minor problem might be bearings? Concern is I had same sound in old VW Rabbit and it ended up being axle replacement. Any way to tell which, if either, before going to mechanic?

The noise is from worn CV (Constant Velocity) joints. Time to visit your mechanic. This will probably require axle replacement, just like your Rabbit.

You could look under the front of the car, where the drive axles meet the wheel hubs, and inspect the rubber boots surrounding the CV joints. If the boots are torn and there’s grease all over the inside of the wheel, the CV joints are the problem.

The “click, click,” when turning is the classic sound of worn CV joints.

Agree; the click-click sound is almost certain to be the CV joints and replacing the whole axle assembly is the most economical in the long run.