Clicking noise in front drivers side

I’m getting this clicking noise in the front drivers side of my car… it sounds like its related to the wheel because it’s clicking in a rotation pattern, i.e. it slows down as I slow down, etc. The clicking noise dulls/goes away whenever I brake. Not sure if that means it’s related to the brakes…or if it’s something else.

That’s really vague. You’re just going to need to take it a shop and have someone drive it. You could have a twig stuck in your rim. You could have a bad CV joint. You could have a stone in your tire tread…

go to an empty parking lot and stop…cut your wheel to its stop point and start out in 1st gear… drive in circles…when you apply engine power does the clicking get much more pronounced? If so…you found a bad CV joint. If not Cigroller has the other options for you…along with the CV joint he mentioned… This is just a good test for the CV