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Clicking Noise Honda Civic Hybrid '06

I have a 2006 Honda Civic Hybrid (automatic). The car has a bit under 200,000 miles on it, and has been used in a lot of long distance commuting and driving. We do pretty frequent check ups on it, and checked oil/other fluids last week – all were good (the oil is admittedly getting close to needing a change, but definitely not within the next few weeks).

I was on the return trip of a 300+ mile drive when I noticed a rapid clicking/ticking sound roughly under the right side (passenger side) dash of the car. It was not affected by turning, accelerating or braking. The clicking was not constant, not very loud (I did not notice it over my music at first) and would come and go. If it was affected by anything, it appeared to come or go when a bump was hit, but that also wasn’t necessarily always the case (hit bumps and it didn’t stop, hit bumps and it didn’t start). I checked wheel wells and under car for objects (suspension is a bit worn and car is low to begin with, so it rides close to ground and this has been a problem before; didn’t seem similar) and there was nothing.

Google has led me to the possibility of sticky lifters, and though the sound is similar-ish, I am under the impression that this would be a much more constant noise and I am also fairly confident in the current quality of my oil.

Any ideas?


As far as your valves go, they must be adjusted. I’m pretty sure you don’t have hydraulic lifters

If the noise is coming from the dash, did you open the hood to see whether it gets louder when you open the hood? One would imagine that it chances with engine speed, if it was anything engine related.
If not present from under the hood, is the noise gone when you turn the heater/ac cabin fan off? It may just be the motor to that fan making noise.

I’m with @RemcoW on the fan.

What was the outcome of this? I’m having a similar problem with my 2007 Civic Hybrid. It has about 160,000 miles on it. I figured it might have been due to using cheap gas on my last fill up, but I just filled up again with better quality (name brand) gas and am still having the issue. It’s a ticking sound from the right side of the motor. It’s constant when idling, and appears to speed up as I accelerate.

When was the last time your valves were adjusted?