Civic Hybrid noisy



Oour 2007 Civic Hybrid is very noisy up front. Onlly has 1800 miles on it. Noise gets really loud at around 53 MPH. It has a rotational quality to it. Took it back to dealer, and he replaced front wheel bearings. Noise a little better, but still very loud. Dealer says it’s tire noise. I don’t think so. Not this loud. Could it be the main engine bearing? Or something to do with the transmission?

Thanks for any help you can provide.


Does the noise happen when the car is moving WITHOUT the engine running??? Or MUST the engine be running for the noise to appear?


First: soorry about typo. Car has 18000 miles on it.

Thanks for the reply. Will try without engine running, but that will be hard since the noise gets bad around 53 MPH.


Is this your first Civic?

Did you test drive it before you bought it?

All Civics are noisy in the cabin, especially at highway speeds. These cars are made to be light weight and efficient. In my opinion, both engine and road noise are quite noticeable in every Civic. Almost every review of the Civic I have read, whether it was in Consumer Reports, Car and Driver,,, etc. has noted pronounced road and engine noise with the Civic. This issue is not unique to the hybrid version of the Civic.

I wish I could help, but the only solutions other than ear plugs would be cost prohibitive.


2nd Civic. First one, 2002 Hybrid, wasn’t as noisy.

Thanks for the reply


Does the loudness and character of the noise change on different pavements, e.g. blacktop vs. concrete? Tire noise does - and tire noise usually gets louder as you go faster; not at a particular speed. Vibrations at a specific speed suggest it could be a bad tire or an out-of-balance wheel.

By the way, I suggest that you DON’T turn off your engine at 55 mph - you’ll lose power steering and brakes. To see if it’s from an engine bearing, listen for the noise with the engine running and the car stopped and in “park.” Rev it up to 2000 - 2500 RPM; that’s about how fast the engine would run at 55 mph.