2001 Honda Civic

I just started hearing a noise in my engine when I first start it in the morning. At first it sounded like what I used to hear in older cars - a stuck lifter. But that isn’t it. I had the oil changed too, and the sound is still there. It is not quite the “clicking” sound like a stuck lifter, but a deeper sound, not very loud, and with the same frequency as something like a stuck lifter. Also, it is louder when the engine is cold, then almost not noticeable when the engine warms up. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

Have you ever had the valves adjusted? Chances are that in your car they are adjustable and are supposed to be adjusted on a fairly regular basis.

Other than mentioning that guessing about a sound like that via internet doesn’t work out that well. It doesn’t help that no one knows basic things like the mileage and maintenance history.

I would ask my mechanic to give it a listen.

My wife has the same car, 2004. Owner’s manual calls for a “valve lash adjustment” at 120,000 miles. Dealer advised to only do it if an unfamiliar sound is present. How many miles on yours? (You also may be due for a timing belt)