Clacking or clicking noise from under engine hood


I am getting a clacking/clicking noise from under the engine hood when in idle (car is in park)

Here is the sound from under the hood

I have a honda civic 2002 with a dw16w1 engine.

Does anyone have any ideas about this?

(Oil levels are fine)


I’d get the valves adjusted.

But first I’d have my mechanic listen and look, it could be something else.


These early Honda engines needs to have the valves adjusted to work correctly.On your model, valve adjustments should be done every 100k miles.

Sounds like a 20 year old million mile Honda to me.

I;d remove the valve cover to see if any of the valve lash adjustment screws/locking nuts are loose or missing.

I’ve discovered this twice on Civics over the years.


Thank you everyone for your replies. I will definitely take a look.

If it is the valves and I decide to adjust them myself, I guess I am going to need to find the specs of the clearances. Does anyone know where I can get this information? (It’s a D16W7 engine)

The valve lash spec is reflected on the emission sticker under the hood.


Have you done this before? If not, watch several youtube videos, it’s pretty straightforward.