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Ticking noise 99 civic

Hey , I always wanted to know if a ticking noise is normal for a civic year 98 d16y7 non vtec. The noise always bothered me. Ticks at idle a bit but ticks more ans idles Low when put in drive. the things I done are:

  • Replaced Piston Rings
  • resurface head and new head gasket
  • adjusted valve at 8 intake and 10 exhaust I believe.
    I also use 10w-30 oil.

Modifications I have is just I put a y8 intake manifold on.

I never rebuild my head before repair. It was overheated but my dad who is a mechanic said the head was fine. Also some guy told me it could be my injectors causing ticking due to cut of bad wires. I also cleaned and tested injector all spray food and work properly.

Have any idea what it might be. How can I test stuff to see what it can be.

Tested compression to few weeks back. Came up 180 psi for 3 cylinders and 170 psi for piston #4

You dad is a mechanic, yet you are here. He can’t tell you? If a mechanic who has actually seen and heard the car can’t/won’t tell you the possibilities, you need to take it to someone that will. Noisy injectors, noisy valves, piston slap, plug wire arcing and even your imagination are possibilities. After all we can’t actually hear the ticking noise.

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Send us a sound clip.We cannot tell just by reading your post.

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As an owner of a 1999 Civic, my first thought was something you’ve already done: adjust valves. I’ve done it with every spark plug change, about every 30,000 miles, and some have always needed readjustment. I wonder if what you are hearing is just normal for the engine.

The engine should be cold when you adjust them. If next time you adjust them you go toward the small end of the range (in 0.18mm, ex 0.23mm), maybe that’ll make a difference. Good luck and please let us know what you’re finding.


This is the same person who claimed they changed the oil pan gasket 10 times and still could not stop a leak.

Maybe it is time for the phrase ( Put down the tools and step away from the vehicle ) .


Ticking noise is probably nothing to worry about. I had a 1995 Dodge Caravan with the 3.0L V-6. It started making valvetrain ticking noises at around 150,000 miles, but still ran fine when it was destroyed in an accident at 208,000 miles. As long as the oil pressure is ok, and the engine doesn’t make any knocking/rattling noises, I would save my money and not worry about it.

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unless there is a good reason, not to ask dad, you should consider asking for his guidance.

My dad loved to teach more and more about cars and though I was a bit afraid to ask him…I only learned later in life that he really enjoyed letting me know how things worked so I would be able to fix things later in life and working together with his son. The proud papa I guess.
I may have not known it, but he was proud to teach me, so unless he is the type that does not want to teach…ask him.


I love my dad it’s juat he says I should just leave it. It runs. I want to get rid of the noise. Specially if it shouldn’t be ticking

Let’s get one thing straight . . .

it’s a ticking noise, like a ball point pen clicking, correct?

I sure hope it’s not a lower pitched knocking type of noise . . . ?!

I’m mentioning that, because very often two people will hear the same noise, but describe it very differently

It’s not a knock forsure but it’s a ticking

I’ll post a video later

Any leak at the exhaust manifold?

Nope I checked

It’s probably a normal sound I wouldn’t worry about if it’s the only symptom.

Having overheated this car (twice?), you should be happy it runs at all. I wouldn’t waste time trying to solve a symptom that doesn’t seem to be presenting a problem.

That sounds like good advice. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.