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Clicking noise Ford ka

I have a Ford ka 2012 model and I have a clicking noise from the front passenger side wheel. The car has only done 24000 miles if anyone has any idea what it is. I have checked and haven’t seen any stones. Could it be my value tapping on my hub caps?

CV joints will do that when they are failing. Even 24K miles can have a torn CV joint boot causing the grease to wash out and the joint to fail. Have that checked.

Remove the hub caps and that will answer that question. But that is not likely the problem . You might jack up the wheel and turn it by hand and have more of an idea.

Any change to the sound turning left vs right vs straight-ahead? Any change going slow vs fast?

I am going to try the removing hub caps as it only stated when I changed them over. There is no change when I got left or right just when going straight the fast I go the louder it gets I’m going to call the garage today and see when I can take the car in thank you

With no change when turning vs straight, unlikely to be a cv joint. Might as well ask the shop to check both CV boots as part of this though, since it will be on the lift presumably. Clicking sound from a front wheel area that’s unchanged turning vs straight and gets louder the faster you go eh? Maybe a rock stuck in the wheel, or a problem with the brakes. Faulty wheel bearings usually get louder the faster you go, but usually aren’t said to be making clicking noises, more of the complaint is a growling noise. But it could be a faulty wheel bearing even so. Removing the hubcaps as a test makes sense. Keep us informed of your progress towards a diagnosis & best of luck

Hi, I took the car to the shop and the guy said there was a couple big stones and something rattling in the boot which was making the sound even louder as they was making the exact sound. However, now I have another stone stuck and can’t seem to find it again! Seems like a never ending battle against stones!

Somehow I’ve managed to never have a rock get stuck in a wheel in nearly 50 years of driving. You’d think it would happen occasionally just by bad luck, a rock flying up and getting stuck somewhere in the wheel or brakes. I’ve always had vehicles with full-size hubcaps, maybe that’s part of the reason for my rock-free-wheel experience. If so, one option for you might be to switch to a hubcapped wheels. I don’t particularly like the appearance of those wagon train spoked wheels anyway.

As far as I’m aware they are full sized but it only happens in one wheel which is extremely annoying so I think I’m going to replace that one and see what happens

You are not sure if you have wheels with hubcaps or you have alloy wheels ? I don’t think the wheels are your problem. I think you are missing something like a splash shield or even a part of your underbody cover. Have a mechanic look at it before just buying a wheel.

I will get them to have a look before I take it in then I need to get new tires as mine are starting to wear thin anyway but thank you for all the help