Clicking in engine


Does lack of oil in car create a problem that results in a clicking sound in engine. Car still runs but has a loud clicking which sounds like it is coming form the engine. Mechanic said car needs new engine w/o even poppin hood. Is it shot?


Does it still click after adding motor oil to proper level???

Having low or little oil causes severe and expensive engine damage. However without opening the hood I would be suspect of the evaluation.

What is year/make/model and mileage of this car?


It a 94 Saturn SL2. I added more oil and it still is clicking. It gets faster when you accellerate.


Where’s the mileage?

Clicking noises (unless the engine does have serious issues) could come from noisy (dirty or dry) hydraulic lifters.

I believe some of the regulars here recommend the use of Seafoam to help quieten the noise.