Clicking Sound

Every morning when I start my car, the engine makes a clicking sound like the oil is very low. This goes away after the car warms up. The oil level is o.k. Do you think this is anything to worry about?

What year? How many miles? Have you checked the oil?

Yes, I said in my post the oil level is fine. It had abou5 145,000 miles on it and I think it’s a 2004. I’d have to check my registration.

Sorry, I wasn’t clear - I know the oil level is fine, but what is the condition of the oil?

I just had it changed about a week ago. It has been making this sound for weeks now, though.

When’s the last time it had a valve job done?

Oh,…like never.


Get one done. The noise will probably go away. You likely just have ticking from slightly mis-adjusted valves.

Need to get it checked out…without hearing the sound…it could also be a crack in the exhaust manifold. After the manifold warms up the metal expands and fills in the crack.

Take it to a mechanic to determine what the EXACT cause is before you go throwing money at it.