just bout a 93 honda accord lx 4 cyl manual and everytime i turn the key to the start position just makes one click sound then i turn it again makes same click sound check to see if i had oil i was 1/4 short can it be that? or do i need a new starter? or is it something elsE?


Sounds to me like you need a new battery.


I agree that this sounds like a battery. If you mean that the oil is only 1/4 quart low, I don’t think this is the problem. You might only get a click if the starter can’t turn the engine, but it doesn’t sound as if the engine is siezed. It may be as simple as corroded connections at the battery terminals. It sounds as though not enough power is getting to the starter, either from bad connections or a weak battery to turn the engine over.


Or - a bad primary cable connection.
IE: Either end of the thick wires running from the battery.
To test: Have a friend hold the key in the start position while you jiggle the primary cables.


First…check the battery cables. Could just need cleaning…

If that checks out then get the battery and charging system checked. It could be the battery or the battery is fine, but the charging system isn’t.


Agree with these folks. Is worth checking the connections but my experience is when a battery decides to go bad it just goes without much worning. You do want to make sure the charging system (altenator) is working properly. If you can get it to start, most auto parts stores will test the battery and altenator for free, that way you make sure you fix the problem and not a symptom. Also look on your gauges. You may have a voltage gauge, which tells the voltage output. If altenator is working correctly it should be at about 13-14 volts.


Since its a manual you can start it by popping the clutch.


Turn the radio up and you won’t hear the click…glad to help!!


hey guys i found out what was the problem wasnt the battery i took the battery out and put in my moms battery from her car…and it still didnt start so i checked again and it was like on click…so i found out it was a bad starter…i had to push it to start it and it turned on and i was driving it around where i live then i parked it was still on…so i turned it off and try to start it back up and nothing…so more than likely is a starter…