Car wont wont turn over....makes a click noise when you turn the key...?

So i have a 1996 honda accord, i recently just got a new motor put in it. Its a used motor but a good one. I picked the car up from the shop yesterday, i drove it all day yesterday and today. It drives and sounds soooo much better than it did before. My husband goes to leave for work this evening and it wont start, it just makes a click noise when you turn the key, it wont even crank over. The battery is brand new and not used, the starter is brand new and not used, we just got both this year. It sounds like the clicking noise is coming from where the starter is, somewhere in that area. Could the starter have went bad on us? He checked all the cables and wires to see maybe if something is loose, everything seems to be in tact and tight. I am puzzled, help me out please.

When they replaced the engine a few gound connections were disconnected. They also disconnected the connections to the starter. These would be the first areas to check.


Sounds like it could be a bad solenoid.

Or. the alternator has failed or is not hooked up right.