Just bought a 1993 honda accord lx 4cyl manual need help



hey guys i just bought a 93 honda accord the car runs perfectly well until a couple mins ago it did…i was driving then i parked or whatever then my car just turned off on me i tried to turn it back on and all it makes a click click click sound…check if i had oil and its low by 1/4 can it be thats missing oil? or did i messed up the whole car up? please help me out guys…thanks guys…


Most likely you have a discharge battery and can get started again with a jump. If the battery is discharged and the engine will not recharge it, you may have a problem with the alternator. BTW being 1/4 quart low on engine oil is not a problem. If there is no oil showing on the dip stick – that is a problem.


Being 1/4 quart low on oil is nothing to worry about. You can add a bit of oil later.

The “click, click” you describe makes me think your battery is dead, or perhaps the battery cable connections are loose or corroded.

Were any of the warning lights on before the engine shut off?


didnt really notice to tell you the truth…but then again all the lights comes on when it turns off…


the battery looks pretty new it gots new terminal and its hooked on pretty tight…and i dont see corrosion neither


Well, they should all come on if the engine stalls.

Can you get someone to hook jumper cables to the battery? If so, maybe you can get the car started, but there is still something wrong with the battery or perhaps the alternator, so when you get it running you should take it to a mechanic and have the battery and the charging system tested.


The cables can be clean and tight at the battery, but the terminals at the OTHER end of one or both cables can be loose or dirty and you get the same result.

As I said, a mechanic or auto parts store can test both the battery and the alternator if you can get the car to them.


well guees what i saw this sticker on the batter that said 11/06 im guessing that the deadline for the battery? and ummm yea i have my mom n dad that each have a car my mom said to take the battery to auto zone n see if it haves enough charge in it…and like if it the alternator not really worry b cuz the guy gave me 1 month of guarantee on the motor…but other than that its mots likely the battery correct?!~


The 11/06 could be when the battery was installed, in which case it’s almost new, as you say.

The only way to know is to have the stuff tested. If the alternator is not charging the battery properly the battery will go dead and not start the car.


so basically test the battery first then if the battery is dead good possibility that the alternator is messing up and not doing its proper job in chraging the battery??then after i charge the battery go take it to auto zone and have them check the alternator?


Any place that can test one should be able to test both.


ok thats cool thanks guy alot ill give you guys an update on how everything is going hopefully it would be the battery n not the alternator…i will get back at ya in a couple of hours…


Pull the battery cables and clean the ends. You cannot tell the condition by simply looking.
The ends may look clean on the outside but the inside where it mates against the battery post is what counts.
Some develop a gray or black scale on them and can cause the problem you have.

If the problem persists after that, then have the battery and alternator tested.
The 11/6 is probably the manufacturing date of the battery. This means it’s not that old, but new batteries can certainly be bad.
I bought one from Sears for my motorcycle, installed it, and on day one the bike was dead at quitting time. Sure enough, my 24 hour old battery would barely take a charge and would not hold up to a load test.


ok so i just went outside took out the battery terminals everything looks real clean no corrosion or nothing so this leads me to believe that the battery could be dead im going to try to jump start it right now n ill get back to you guys as soon as i see a result…


hey guys i found out what was the problem wasnt the battery i took the battery out and put in my moms battery from her car…and it still didnt start so i checked again and it was like on click…so i found out it was a bad starter…i had to push it to start it and it turned on and i was driving it around where i live then i parked it was still on…so i turned it off and try to start it back up and nothing…so more than likely is a starter…