Wax for Cars


I haven’t waxed a car in years. I have no idea what kinds of waxes are available.

I had a fender replaced on my 2001 Sunfire. The original had a clear coating that started peeling off. Then came the paint until the primer showed. Fender was replaced and painted.

What brand car wax would be safe to use on this “clearcote” coating?


As I understand it, the vast majority of waxes are OK for clear coat. We have been using NuFinish liquid for several years now. Before that, Meguiars. I’m sure you will get other recommendations to choose from, also.


I use Turtle Wax, and have used Mother’s. Really, any wax readily available from your local parts store is fine. I think Turtle Wax is the cheapest, though (hence the reason I use it - and it works fine.)


I don’t know of any wax sold today that’s not safe for clearcoat.


Agree, all waxes (not polishes) are safe for clearcoat. Everyone has his favorite and they all do pretty much the same thing. I’ve been using Turtle Wax and Meguiar’s. Both are satisfactory.


Most waxes and some polishes are fine for clearcoat. Make sure you read the label.


I like NuFinish the best–it works as well as the others, but it is MUCH easier to use, so I feel like waxing more easily.


Hopefully, the autobody shop told you to wait a period of time before you apply any wax to your freshly painted fender. This allows the paint to properly cure before sealing it with any wax. The length of time to wait is dependant on the paint type and composition, number of coats and if they did a partial bake out with heat lamps or not. A typical wait time would be on the order of 30 days before applying wax. Best to check with the shop that did the work if you’re unsure…


I’ve been using NuFinish for years and have been very happy with it.

Clearcoat is no different from paint, and any wax will be fine.


Stay away from spray on. Liquids today are as good as pastes. All are a compromise between cleaning, ease of application, gloss, durability, compatibility with plastic and lack of hazing (small scratches). The last is not really a problem with light colors, but it is with dark colors, especially black.

An independent group tested waxes and recommended Black Magic Wet Shine Liquid Wax BM48016 highest in every category except ease of application where it was average. Turtle Wax Carnauba Car Wax T-6 was better in application (better than average), but it has average hazing. Both are inexpensive. YOu can spend more for poorer performance.


I use Meguires Gold wax. Good for new and old. Nothing wrong with polishes if you need to restore a finish, just need to wax afterward.


Liquid Turtle Wax. Great for the sides of a car.