Tar blobs on car paint

I just bought a 2005 Buick which had hundreds of little tar bobs on the hood, roof and bumper. I used tar and bug remover to take off most of each blob but it has left stains which appear to go down into the paint. These do not come off with bug and tar remover. What products can I use to remove these tar stains? Or do I just have to get the car repainted?

Thanks in advance.

Mark, Google ‘tar remover’ and take your pick or try http://www.ownnbes.com

NAPA is an excellent brand of bug and tar remover if all of the residue isn’t removed yet. If you still have stains, you will need to machine buff with a rubbing compound, followed by polish, followed by wax. If rubbing compound doesn’t do it, you are into color sanding with 2-3000 grit sand paper first then the above sequence.

^— What he said. I think your car has a date with a good detail person.

Your car is clear coated. Try a little Easy-Off Oven Cleaner in an inconspicuous place on a small area. Give it 10 minutes and see what happens. If that fails, then it’s off to a good detail shop. If that fails, forget about it. A decent paint job will be VERY expensive and will add little value to the car. After cleaning, a few days in the sun may even out the color. Perhaps what you are seeing is the unfaded true color which was protected from the sun by the tar, not a “stain”…It will slowly even out as the paint fades…