Is this the butterfly valve to clean?

My explorer gas pedal was sticking from idle and i was told to clean the butterfly valve i just wanted to make sure this was the butterfly valve

That’s a butterfly valve. Make sure it’s clean all the way around and moves freely when you are done. Open the valve completly and clean the edge as well. It should move freely with no binding at all.

All I need to do is take of the rubber hose and with a clean dry cloth?? Right…

Did you get a new gasket for it? I hope so. Leaks can set a trouble code. I managed to clean mine on my 2000 SOHC V6 Explorer without removing it with throttle body cleaner and a clean rag. And did both sides of the valve and the bore.

thats exactly the kind of explorer i have… And I really dont know where to clean it?

I didnt know there was a gasket there