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Sticky gas pedal

1996 Pathfinder. I’ve got a gas pedal that sticks a little bit, causing you to have to press a little harder when leaving from a stop. this tends to lurch the passengers in a mildly alarming way. I’d love to fix it myself but I don’t know where to start. Any help?

Chances are the throttle body is gummed up. Get some Sensor-safe throttle body cleaner and a rag. Disconnect the big air hose going into the throttle body. Spray the cleaner onto the throttle plat, and wipe out the mess. Then, open the throttle plate, and spray and wipe the throttle throat and the back side of the plate. Spray the linkage, and work the throttle plate back and forth to work it in. Should be good to go after that.

will do, Busted, thanks.

I have sprayed PB Blast into the shaft for the throttle linkage and in due time all sticking has left.

Just as a hunch, make sure the floor mats are not binding or interfering with the pedal itself as well.
I use ATF in a little oil bottle for lubricating linkages. It penetrates well and lubes for a long time.


Some Toyotas won’t run with the air intake removed. The sensor-safe throttle cleaner is usually supposed to be sprayed with the engine running. You may have to take it in for a professional throttle cleaning.

I clean the throttle body like this with the engine off. Give it a few minutes to air dry, and the truck should start right up after re-assembly.

Believe the Pathfinder is a Nissan model.

First, its a Nissan. Second, the throttle body is a downdraft type, not side draft.

Open the hood, remove the air filter assembly. Have a friend step on the gas pedal (engine off) and hold it to the floor. Spray some fuel injector cleaner on a rag and clean both sides of the throttle plate and the throttle bore, especially where the throttle plate rests when closed. Clean the outside edge of the throttle plate too. Then squirt a small amount around the shaft of the throttle plate where it goes into the throttle body.

Have your friend work the throttle a few times to see that it has stopped sticking. If the problem re-occurs after a few thousand miles, you may have a sticking EGR valve that is letting excess exhaust build up on the throttle plate.