How do I fix a sticky gas pedal?

i have a 2000 ford exployer… the gas pedal stick a little bit from idle start before i take off but after that its not so bad but its annoying but i cant figure out how to fix it does any one know the solution?

Clean the throttle body, use search to learn how.
A few autos should not be cleaned but it is very few.
You can check pedal linkage but it is unlikely.

Yes, hd72mm is correct. What is sticking is the large butterly valve placed directly before the intake manifold itself. If you take off the large diameter (3"?) rubber hose between the air cleaner and the manifold you will see the butterfly valve. It gets gummed up and you have to tap the gas pedal just a bit to dislodge it. Cleaning it, or rather under it, will fix the issue.