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Clicking noise in engine with foot on the gas

Have a 2004 CR-V with 103,000 miles has received all its scheduled maintenance (spark plugs will not be replaced until 110,000 miles). For the last year or so, I suppose around 80,000 to 90,000 miles, I noticed a clicking noise from under the hood, driver’s side. it isn’t very loud, louder with the windows up than down, you only hear it when you put your foot on the gas, it speeds up as the engine does, ease up on the gas and it disappears, it quiets down and just about stops after the engine is good and hot, you also do not hear it when the transmission (automatic) is in neutral and you step on the gas. It might be a bit louder than it was when I first noticed it. Last year the dealer said he could not hear it.

Has this ever tripped a Check Engine Light? If so, what were the codes?

While the owners’ manual stated that you can go 110,000 between spark plug changes, I’d suggest changing them now, along with ignition wires. As OK4450 pointed out in another thread, if you do have erosion of the electrodes it could, conbined with a weak spot in the spark plug wire insulation, cause arcing to a ground point. That arcing would be in synch with the engine and more prominent under acceleration. And it might be more prevenant when the engine is cold.

Besides, 110,000 is a long time to go between plug changes. The old ones can become difficult to remove at that mileage.

Had one check engine light, last year, I think. I don’t recall the code, but it was an oxygen sensor of some sort. Have scheduled my 110,000 mile work for next week, some 7,000 miles early, in the event it is the plugs, or belt, or whatever. Hope i have not damaged anything, it has gotten a bit louder since first noticed last year, but not by much.

Is this one of the engines that require valve lash adjustments?

I don’t know, apologies.

Chances of having any permanent damage are extremely slim. When you get the work done, I’d suggest that you have them look into the ticking while they’re under the hood.

Sounds like you may have a slight exhaust leak that you’re hearing, and when the engine gets hot, the metal expands and just about seals the leak.

I was going to suggest a cracked exhaust manifold…

Could also be a loose heat shield vibrating. Usually a washer solves this problem