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Civic Hybrid timing belts?

I have a 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid with 90k miles. There appears to be seem confusion from others as to whether or not this car has a timing belt or timing chain. Anyone know if the Civic Hybrid has a timing belt that needs to be replaced or if it is a timing chain that needs to be adjusted? The words timing chain/ timing belt do not appear in the manual.

There is probably a separate Maintenance Schedule booklet which will list when the timing belt (if any) should be changed. If it doesn’t list it, you have a timing chain which should normally last for the life of the engine.

According to the Gates website (they are a large manufacturer of timing belts) this vehicle does not have a timing belt.

Congratulations on reading the manual. If more people did that we’d have a lot less to do.

There were three engines available in the 2004 Civic lineup, a 1.3L with electric assist (the engine in your hybrid), the base 1.7L, and the 2.0L, which powers the Si version.

Of the three, the only one with a timing belt is the base 1.7L engine.

Your hybrid does not have a timing belt, therefore it does not need a timing belt replacement. A timing chain, which your engine has, should last the life of the engine with no maintenance needed, which is why you can’t find it in the manual.

Relax, now you have one less thing to worry about.