Odometer doesn't display

I have a 1999 Pontiac sunfire. It had just over 85,200 miles. I took it in to have an oil change and the front passenger tire changed. I didn’t notice it till the next day. My odometer stop displaying. What could have happened to it? How can I fix it? Please help. First car. I lo e this car.

Does the speedometer works OK?

Power supply module (lamp driver module) goes bad… and the only way to fix it practically is to replace the cluster.

Speedometer works great. Could they have just knocked a wire or a sensor lose.

It was working fine before the oil change and tire change

Anything is possible, but in this case it is unlikely an oil change / tire change caused this problem. This car is 16 years old. All kinds of little problems can be creeping up on it. The speedometer and odometer are probably driven by the same sensor so if you lost both I could buy a wire coming off. But only losing the odometer, as @knfenimore said the instrument cluster has a problem and needs to be replaced.

Since the speedo is working, the sensor and wire that feeds the odometer is probably ok. No harm done to check all the fuses, but I think @knfenimore is probably right, something in the display cluster has failed.

I don’t know if a 1999 Pontiac has an engine maintenance reminder light that has to be reset after an oil change or not. On my Toyota, to reset the light there is a procedure which involves using the reset button for the trip odometer. On my Sienna, pushing this button changes the readout from odometer to trip odometer. If your Pontiac has a trip odometer, try pushing the trip odometer reset button and see what happens. There may be a connection between your recent oil change and the,odometer. ,

Fixing this could end up costing you more than the car is worth…A new cluster is probably not available and a used one will be a crap-shoot…

There are many speedometer repair places that can fix this. Google speedometer repair for one near you. I’ve had one done for about $150. I mailed it to Denver. Is it worth it to you? Probably not, but my car was much newer then. In all probability it has nothing to do with the oil change.