2011 accord question

gonna do a trans oil change on my accord, how do you get the plastic splash guard or whatever you call it off the bottom of the engine/trans. looks like its held on with a type of button that stays solid while the surrounding plastic moves a little.

The plastic shield is probably held on with Christmas tree clips. http://www.merchandisinginventives.com/Christmas_Tree_Clips_s/255.htm

These are just pried out.


no, simialar but not quite. center of clip is metal. cant pull it out without breaking the outer ring.

Then they may be push type clips such as this. http://www.clipsandfasteners.com/Toyota_Push_Type_Retainer_15mm_Head_Dia_p/a14260.htm


yeah, thats more like it. i guess you need a tool to pull them out properly and replace with new

If it has a screw head, such as the phillips shown in the push clip illustration, give it a quarter turn left to see if it loosens the center post of the clip. If that doesn’t work, treat it as a bolt and continue to unscrew it. You will still need to pry it out.

Call up a dealer service department.

no head. just round and smooth. also no room to get a traditonal clip removal tool in. im sure you pull them out and replace with new but i havent had luck pulling one out.

Some of these, you can push the center piece in about an 1/8" (I use a #2 phillips head screw driver, don’t push too hard) and it will release the clip inside, then you pull on the outer ring to remove it. When you replace it, you push the center piece from the bottom to protrude out the top by about a 1/4", insert it and then push the center flat with the outer piece to lock it.

@kennedy go to sears and buy this set


i tried pushing up on the center but it didn’t work. about out of options. the set from sears looks like the right tool