Cigarette Lighter Adapter Broke, Replacements Sold Out Everywhere

Mine’s 12 V 15 A so might be the same as yours weird it lists two different power requirements for yours.

Mine has a 15-amp fuse.

I might have to do a buy and try with Amazon :slight_smile: 15 A for the inflator right?

I have had my share of issues. Cig lighter for trailblazer replacement would not work, went to the dealer, got a new one, it worked fine. Phone charger would not work in cig lighter, but worked fine in back seat power point. I have put an adapter in in some vehicles at work, don’t know the mechanics of it all, but it happens.

It is always possible to switch to a cordless tire inflator that has a rechargeable battery. There are lots of them out there. I’ve had pretty good luck with a Merece inflator. It has enough juice to fully inflate 4 car tires.

Just tried the Bestek adapter mentioned by weekend-warrior in post 5 and it works beautifully with my Craftsman tire inflator. Here is my inflator:
I’m guessing it’s a low amp inflator specifically designed for cigarette lighter/acessory sockets.

Do you really think the wiring will be fine when you feed 50% more current through it than the manufacturer determined that it can handle safely?

From what I see online your vehicle cigarette lighter fuse in your fuse box should be a 15-amp fuse, not a 10-amp. check your owners-manual to make sure. if you have a 10-amp and it should be a 15-amp then put the correct one in. whenever you use your compressor to put air in a tire, make sure your vehicle is running. it will probably tell you the same in the instructions like mine did. the Bestek adapter has a replaceable 10amp fuse in it. leave that in. if there is ever a problem, that fuse will blow first.