Problem with Plugging Craftsman Tire Inflator into BMW Cigarette Lighter Power Outlet


Hi I am having trouble plugging my Craftsman tire inflator into my 2002 BMW 330 Ci cigarette lighter power outlet. I used to use one of these Bestek adapters no problem. I don’t remember if I gave my old Bestek to my dad or something like that but anyways I am now having problems plugging the tire inflator into either the Bestek or straight into the car lighter outlet; the fit is far to tight for comfort. The inflator charger adapter got so stuck in the Bestek I ended up tearing it apart trying to get the inflator out. I read other places on the web and here European outlets can have bigger outlet diameters, however I seem to be having the opposite problem with the tire inflator charger adapter being to big for the car outlet or the adapter. Any ideas on what’s going on and if there is an adapter that can solve my problem? Hoping to avoid buying a new tire inflator. Thanks!

Either buy another inflator, or attach a new plug that fits.


One of these might work.

@Tester Thanks I think I might be able to detach the current adapter I noticed a screw on it today we’ll see… Do you think I have a certain type of socket/lighter and the tire inflator is designed for the other type?
@Barkydog Thanks the two receivers on the adapter look different; is that why you think it might work? Or do you have personal experience with this guy?

Yes, had the same problem for a work truck and for $5 beat replacing the adapter. Just efficient as my math teacher used to say, would have had to remove the old socket, clip the connector and rewire a new socket. I had so many jobs besides vehicles it was my quick easy out. It was for a mobile laptop, and the mechanics were like sorry computer issue. Plugged a usb adapter in the extra slot for the cellphone, everyone was happy! Not sure why they look different, don’t recall that, just a random pic from the internet.

@Barkydog Just tried Insten adapter today. Worked beautifully. The two receivers are different sizes; I think one might be the aforementioned accessory socket style while the other is a cigarette lighter adapter style.
Thanks Barydog and Tester!

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Glad we helped!