Chyrsler Town & Country 2005


We have a 2005 Town & Country Van and the power window on the passenger side isn’t working. We took it to a dealer and he said the entire unit must be replaced. We vary rarely use this window and for it to malfunction is odd.


I would check with an independent shop and see what they say about the trouble and how much they will repair it for.


since it is NOT under warranty now, take it to your local mechanic, have them trouble shoot it. it may be the power button, the wiring or the window regulator itself.


also, if it is the regulator; they sell just the replacement electric motor (100), and they sell the whole unit, with a new motor and the guides (180). it only costs about 80 bucks more, so get the whole enchilada (new regulator, motor and all.) of course there is an added labor charge to install!


We have an '05 Grand Caravan with 60K. The driver’s side power window quit a while back. We carefully popped off the inside door panel, first removing the two upper screws and then prying the panel from the bottom. Only broke two plastic push knobs which did not need to be replaced. We tested the motor connections and found power at both up and down wires and then loosened the 3 bolts to the motor. At this time the motor kicked in and it has been working just fine ever since. We assume the motor got jammed somehow. Easy fix.