Chrysler Warranty not worth the paper it's printed on!

Chrysler’s Horrible Customer Service and Worthless Warranty.

I purchased a new 2017 JKU, in December 2016. At the time of purchase, I bought the Chrysler Extended Warranty. Other than tires every service, required and recommended has been performed by a Jeep Chrysler Dealership. Over 35 trips to a dealership for service or problems,​ many times for check engine lights. When the latest problem began I was still under the initial factory​ engine​ ​​warranty and the dealership told me I needed a new engine​ and that Chrysler wouldn’t cover the repair. So I took the Jeep to a different​ Jeep Chrysler dealership who was able to get Chrysler to authorize them to rebuild a portion of the engine. That was the spring or early summer of 2021. The repair lasted 4 or 5 months, 3000 or 4000 miles. Suddenly I’m using 2 Qts of oil in 500 miles. Dealership/Chrysler had me do two 500-mile oil consumption tests, both​ us​ed 2 Qts in 500 miles. Then Chrysler requests a 3rd 1000-mile oil consumption test. About 200 miles into that test the Jeep gets a check engine light, turns out 6 or 7 codes, and goes into limp mode. Made back to the dealership and Chrysler still refused to cover the repair.

I’ve never been able to talk to anyone at Chrysler other than Chrysler Don’t Care, they know nothing mechanical, can’t make any decisions, they are only customer service personnel. Their job is just to serve as a go-between you and the dealer. My dealer has been very straightforward and has said they don’t understand why Chrysler won’t cover my repair. Chrysler Care just tells me the same thing the dealership has already told me. This last summer I finally contacted an attorney. Not much help but was able to get a real lowball offer from Chrysler. The attorney said Chrysler refused my warranty because I had used after-market engine air filters. It’s not a K&N filter just a plain old Fram that looks just like a factory filter. I’m pretty sure what the Attorney was telling me was BS. I’ve been told the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act says you can use after-market parts.​ However, not one single attorney I’ve talked to even knows what the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act covers.​ So I dropped the attorney and finally broke down and paid the money for a Chrysler remanufactured engine. I pickup up my Jeep in October of 2022 and was approximately 2 miles from the dealership when the check engine light comes on. So​ ​back at the dealership.

I had all my service done at dealerships so I wouldn’t have this kind of problem. I’m not a mechanic and relied on the dealership to tell me if something was wrong. Until this problem happen no one ever said anything was wrong with my Jeep. Chrysler sure knows how to ruin the ownership experience. ​Everyone’s advice is sue. Easier said than done. First, it’s difficult to find an attorney who even wants to take the case. Once I found one he said he’d take the case but it will be expensive and more than likely I wouldn’t get enough to even offset attorney fees let alone the cost of the engine. My advice if you have to have a Chrysler product don’t waste your money on an Extended Warranty!

How did it get the after-market filter ?

And what does an air filter have to do with oil consumption?

OK , I give up . What is a JKU ?

4 door Jeep Wrangler is a JKU

A 2 door Wrangler is a JK

It’s a Jeep thing


No way using a Fram filter that met specifications would void the warranty.


So you put up with this poor experience for SIX years?

Life is too short to put up with that. I would have sold the Jeep at the engine repair. Sorry about your issues but I wouldn’t own a Chrysler product. Far too much Fiat in there.


I throw the B.S. card, obviously shiesters not lawyers.
Don’t feed the trolls !

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I expect the folks who are advising that approach have never done it. It’s easy to sue of course, just a few forms, but difficult, expensive, and very time consuming to win, and can be nearly impossible to collect even if you do win. I expect your att’ys reaction is another way of saying in their opinion you have a weak case.

So what to do now? Two options

  1. Repair the vehicle each time it fails, hoping eventually the mechanics will get to the bottom of the issue.
  2. Sell the vehicle or give it away. A neighbor of mine gave his new-looking Audi to his mechanic b/c of the cost of repairing the dashboard control panel.

To minimize the chance of this happening on your next vehicle purchase

  • Choose a make/model that gets good ratings for reliability based on past model years; e.g. Consumer Reports Car Guides.
  • Configure the vehicle minimally, only with the functionality you require. Avoid complex options unless you really need them. .

Did they refuse to fix the problem? It is not unusual for a wiring connector to be overlooked during a major repair, could be something simple. You shouldn’t need an attorney for this.

Few people would be willing to give away a $30,000 vehicle. Your neighbor’s “new-looking” Audi may have been only half the age of your truck but not worth anything if driving without a dashboard control panel is a big deal.