Jeep excessive oil consumption

“Jeep Wrangler Owners excessive engine oil consumption”

Caused engine failure with my Jeep. Chrysler aware of problem. Local dealership stating Chrysler may not honor 100,000 mile warranty due to 1missed oil change.

There are really two issues relating to your ruined engine.
In addition to excessive oil consumption, there is the issue of owner negligence.

Apparently, you drove the car with such a low level of oil in the crankcase that the engine seized. However, if you check your Owner’s Manual, I can just about guarantee that it contains wording along the lines of…Check the motor oil every time that you fill the gas tank…or something to that effect. While that may seem excessive, even if you checked the oil every 2 weeks or so, it would be extremely unlikely that you would have run the oil down to such a dangerously low level.

And then there is the issue of the missed oil change, which just added more fuel to the fire, so to speak.

While I am definitely sympathetic when somebody incurs such an expensive repair on a relatively new vehicle, the fact remains that the manufacturer can legitimately refuse to honor the warranty on the basis of owner negligence. If they do relent, consider yourself very lucky.

In any event, in order to avoid shooting yourself in the foot again, please resolve that you will lift the hood every couple of weeks in order to check the oil, and that you will never let it fall more than 1 qt. below the full mark on the dipstick. Even though my engine consumes almost no oil between oil changes, I check it every 2-3 weeks, and as soon as it falls 1/2 qt. below the full mark, I replenish it. And, try to establish some sort of reminder system for yourself so that you never again miss an oil change. Being much more diligent in the future will help to preserve your rights as they relate to a warranty.

Good luck!

Unfortunately, today’s cars are designed and tested to score as high as possible on the EPA fuel economy tests. That means that, among other things, the piston ring tension in the cylinder is minimized in addition to reducing oil viscosity. That means that certain vehicles will consume oil from day one.

To have any chance of a manufacturer paying for repairs on an excessive oil consumption claim would require a lot of documentation to include, but not be limited to, detailed mileage records and oil receipts.

Chrysler may not honor 100,000 mile warranty due to 1missed oil change.
Oooops, I guess you'll pay more attention next time. I'm sure the warranty states that the owner needs to comply with all service requirements, or the warranty can be voided. So Jeep/Chrysler/Fiat should be responsible for your negligence? Had you checked you oil every now and then you would have know that there is a consumption issue, and would have (a) complained sooner, or (b) kept the oil filled, which I doubt. I just don't understand how people can spend $30,000 +/- on a Jeep and NOT read the instruction (Owners) Manual.

Sounds like you’re SOL with this unfortunately because of a fine print detail in the warranty. What year, and mileage were on the jeep before it failed? How many miles were on that oil? I really do think its unfair - and even going high on dino oil - lets say 6-7000 miles, while pretty bad, should not be catastrophic to a relatively new engine.

One missed oil change but how many oil changes done in that 100k miles.
Engines can and do get ragged out in 25k miles depending…

Oil consumption is not likely the cause of engine failure. It’s more than likely lack of oil due to failure to inspect and maintain the oil level as necessary; and especially so with a vehicle that is known to consume some oil.

Every car maker has complaints against them for oil consumption issues and any online petition will be akin to spitting into the wind.