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2018 Jeep Cherokee - Extended warranty?

Should i buy an extended warranty fora used 2018 Jeep Cherokee?

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If is not from Jeep the answer is No. Third party vehicle warranties are almost worthless . If it is from Chrysler - Fiat then what ever lets you sleep at night. Also what ever the price ask if they can do better on the price as this is a high profit item.


I agree with Volvo_V70’s comments in full. Here is a bit more on the subject of buying extended warranties if you are looking for more info.

Consumer Reports agrees that these warranties are overpriced and have many loopholes. In 2007 I was offered an extended warranty on my mew Toyota for $1500 giving an extra 4 years.

The only “repair” incurred during the past 12 years has been a lose heat shield, which cost $90 to fix. Numerous other items we have bought over the years have proven that these warranties have a very poor or no payback.

Of 11 items purchased over the last 10 years, we would have paid $1200 if we had bought all the extended warranties offered. One one item needed to be repaired in the time span and it cost $100 or so. We thus have a “negative” return on investment.

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It is a used Jeep… Normally I’d say ignore the extended warranty but… Jeep. Not the most reliable vehicle. It will cause you problems going forward.

ONLY buy the warranty if it comes FROM Jeep or Fiat Chrysler America. As a few posters has said already, any other warranty is worthless.


The dealership can transfer the balance of the factory warranty for a small ($150) fee. Way cheaper than any extended warranty you might buy.

I think the more important question is " Should I buy a used 2018 Jeep Cherokee?" My answer would be Not unless you have it completely evaluated by a mechanic of your choice in a pre-purchase inspection.

Type Jeep Cherokee into the forum search feature, that might give you some ideas of the sort of problems that might crop up. At least you’ll have something to go on, does it cover this or not? etc, when considering to get the warranty or not. Search icon is upper right, this page. Not disagreeing w/any of the comments above, but folks posting here tend to diy’er repair their own vehicles so aren’t much inclined to buy extended warranties. But if you have to pay full price parts and labor for every repair yourself, the economics change.