2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Exhaust in cabin

I have a 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee, Summit model. Within three months of purchase, we get a strong smell of exhaust in the car when I put my foot in it. Getting on the freeway, passing another car etc. The Jeep has a hemi engine and auto trans. Also, its a 4wd vehicle. I bought the car new, and Chrysler can’t find the problem. One dealership kept it for two weeks and said they had fixed it. I thought they had for about two weeks, then the problem came back. They have worn me down, and I don’t know what to do next.

Well, you have now had it for five years, so I would guess it is now out of warranty. Have you tried an independent mechanic/muffler shop?

When Chrysler, Bill Bryant Chrysler in Leesburg had it for two weeks, and claimed it was fixed, the car was well out of warranty. At least 60,000 miles on the vehicle, and I was not charged one penny, including the loaner car I had for that two weeks. The service rep said it was fixed, but couldn’t tell me what the problem was. The car has always been serviced and repaired by either Phillips Chrysler in Ocala Fl. where I originally purchased the car, or Bill Bryant in Leesburg. I ALWAYS tell the service reps when I get the oil changed, or any of the many recalls for repair that I still have the exhaust smell in the car. This has been going on since the first oil change, approx. 3000 miles after the car was purchased. I’m always told that their computer does not indicate a problem. One service rep said that I should expect some exhaust smell when I put my foot in it. A rep from Bryant Chrysler called me for a phone survey about three months ago after my battery replacement changed from an estimate of $300 went to $1900. I complained about the cost which did me no good at all, but mostly I complained about the exhaust smell and how long it had been going on. He assured me that someone would be in touch. Obviously that hasn’t happened. Can you tell me how to get in touch with a factory Rep? Thanks for your help.

All I can say is good luck. I think the expecting an exhaust smell comment is bogus. I have had and liked various Chrysler and (AMC) Jeeps, but due to Chrysler poor service departments, I won’t have another.
Lee Iacocca, when he took over Chrysler, noted: people like our cars but not us.