Chrysler Pacifica EVIC Lights Out

We just purchased a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica with 21,000 miles. However the EVIC system does not come on. I understand you need to remove the dashboard to change the fuse, which is soldered onto the circuit board. So we need to purchase a $500 circuit board to replace a fuse?? Has anyone solved this problem without breaking the bank?

Have you checked all the ‘normal’ fuses? Also, how about getting the place you bought the car from to fix it?

I have been told that Chrysler made a running change in this component at a later date, and that subsequent models used a 1 amp fuse, rather than the .5 amp fuse that was originally used in that circuit board. Apparently the fix is to solder a new 1 amp fuse into the circuit board, but as to accessing that board…I can’t say just how complicated it is.

I found a link that refers to the problem and fix with the fuse for it. If you are pretty good at doing things like this you should be able to correct the problem without breaking the bank. Here is the link with some small pictures showing the fix.