Intermittent Electrical problem with Pacifica

My Pacifica has 99K on it and recently started having intermittent electrical problems. The dashboard will light up and ping, the lights will flicker, the speakers will pop and the radio will cut out from time to time. I took the car to the Chrysler dealership and they said I had a cracked battery, everything else on the computer checked out – no other system problems. We replace the batter and everything worked fine for 10 days. Then the problems started all over again. I took the car to an independent mechanic and he drove the car with no problems (we gave him the spare key) I brought the car home and it started pinging and lighting up, speakers popping all over again. My dad and husband suggested that I use my spare key thinking that my key chain might be too heavy. It does seem that the problem doesn’t happen as often, but it still does happen… HELP!! the noise makes me crazy as do the flashing lights and I would like to drive my Pacifica for another 100K --it’s been a good car so far!

Triplets, Please Be More "Specifica"
What Model-Year Is This “Pacifica” ?


To be sPACIFICA it is a 2005,my husband is driving the car right now, AWD Tourning Model

The trouble you are having could be due to a faulty ignition switch or a intermittent connection in the main power bus panel under the hood. To find the source of the trouble try tapping on suspected trouble areas like the ignition switch with a screwdriver handle. The trouble will most likely act up when you are close to it.

To Help Isolate The Problem, Smack The Dash Padding Directly Above The Instrument Cluster With The Palm Of Your Hand When Everything Is Going Nuts !

Should this straighten everything out temporarily then the problem (poor connection) is probably in or near the cluster.

Another place to check is the large connector at the BCM (Body Control Module). Sometimes just unplugging and replugging the BCM will correct a poor connection.

Did the dealer try and retrieve any BCM trouble codes ?

Is the dinging related to a “low fuel” warning ? Does the gas gauge needle swing up and down ? Which lights flicker, only the dash lights ?