EGR Valve and Upstream Oxygen Sensor Fuses

I have a 2004 Chrysler Pacifica. I just replaced my EGR valve and upstream oxygen sensor. However, the check engine light won’t go off, and the codes are still coming up for them, even after I drove the car over 300 miles and got the codes cleared out.

Someone suggested it may be something as simple as having to replace the fuses for them. However, I can’t find any fuses or relays listed in my lone fuse box that say EGR valve or upstream oxygen sensor. I seem to recall this was the issue with another vehicle of mine, and the oxygen sensor fuse wasn’t marked, either.

Does anyone know which slot or slots would control the EGR valve and upstream oxygen sensor? I’ve already run it through a search engine and called my local Chrysler dealership, but I couldn’t get any answers.

Thank you.

The power train control module supplies voltage to those circuits.

No fuses.

Here’s the O2 sensor circuit.


It would help to know what codes are showing up.

P0032 and P0403.

Hi theminx:
Do a search for “P0032 and P0403 Chrysler Pacifica”. You’ll find lots of hits for a bad ground for the EGR solenoid.

In both cases the codes indicate a circuit problem. For the heater issue and using the diagram that @Tester conveniently provided there may be a problem with one of the splices to ground. You may want to invest in a factory service manual for the wiring to help you figure out and solve the issues. Ebay is a good place to get them for a reasonable price.