Outside Temperature Sensor in '05 Malibu



Today the temperature hit 93, but the display on the Malibu indicated a comfortable 77. I wonder when I’ll go sailing through a patch of ice this winter with the reading at 45?

Dealer can’t seem to fix this after numerous replacements and conversations. While they’ve done all the work under warranty, the problem is that they can’t seem to fix it.

Has anyone else had the problem of continuous failure of the outside temperature display on the Malibu?


I find with this ambient temp sensor on my Silhouette is that it won’t read the actual temp (compared to the house thermometer) until I have driven the van for a short distance.

The sensor is in the shade behind the grille and to one side in front of the rad.

I’ve never noticed a great difference in temps, maybe a couple of degrees at most.

There’s not much to them. The sensor and a wire from the sensor to a power source (computer) for the display to work.


Is this supposed to show outside temp or inside? I have never had a car with one, but I guess it might make you feel better in a 90 degree heat to think it is a balmy 70 something!


Call GM customer service, the # is in the owners manual. Tell them you want it fixed.


Ambient temperature is outside.


Ambient means surrounding. The sensor is outside.