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Chrysler (Eagle) Vision technical problems

Greetings everyone!
Since, I am not familiar with cars (talking about technical questions), I will ask quite dumb questions (I suppose).
Well, first of all, there is weird, bad, metallic noise comming out of car engine when after I start the car. It becoms louder and bigger after when I accelerate, but it still remains when car is standing still, but turned on. What could be possible problems?
Then are “Track control” and “ABS” lights that sometimes turn orange. What could be reason for that? And what does it means?
Chrysler (Eagle) Vision, 1997
3.5 engine
Appreciate your answers,

The simple answer first: The “Trac off” and “ABS” lights coming on means the traction control and anti-lock brake systems are disabled. Usually this means the system failed an internal diagnostic or ‘sanity check’ and disabled itself because some component isn’t working or some input the system needs to function is missing. The simplest failure that would disable these systems (which share components) would be one of the wheel speed sensors.

For the noise you’re hearing more information is needed: Is it a rapping/clicking/clanking sound? Does the frequency (not just the volume) speed up with engine speed? Or is it a grinding or ‘rushing’ sound? Does the sound ever go away? Does the engine run smooth and the car accelerate normally? How many miles on the car and has it received regular oil changes and other maintenance? Is there oil in it? “Weird and bad” are not good descriptors for a sound, any more than “I live on Main street” without the address, city, or state is a good description of where you live.

Thank You for Your answer.
That means car has problems with brakes too. And it means, that when lights are on, ABS is not working?

Sound is like two metals are rubbing at each other. Frequency increases, but not much. As much as I understand these English words, I suppose it is grinding sound. Sound is never going away. Acceleration runs quite well, without problems. Car has ~ 93206 miles (~150 000 km). Oil has been changed recently. And there is oil now.
Sorry for my descriptions, didn’t know how to describe.

if the abs lamp is on the abs will work but you have brakes. you might want to inspect the brakes for pad wear or see if there is a cut wire on one of the abs sensors.

The noise may be due to a bad bearing in the idler wheel for the fan belt. They wear out over time.

“if the abs lamp is on the abs will work but you have brakes.”

Unfortunately, Marc left out a key word in that sentence.
It should read as follows:
If the ABS lamp is on, the ABS will NOT work, but your brakes will still work.