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"TRAC OFF" & "ANTI-LOC" ligths while driving

Hello, my name is Kenn.

I just bought my first car in Nov. So far no major problems up into last month. I have a 2001 Alero. The “Trac Off” & “Anti Loc” lights came on while I was driving. It came on once and while during drive. Then came on all the time.

I took it to Pepboys I got an ABS diagnostic. The guy told me nothign came up except the front left Wheel Bearing had no pulse, I believe he said. So I had it replaced. Cost me $400. The light came back minutes after I got my car back.

I went to a local mechanic in one hour he told me the two front Wire Harnesses were bad. I had then replaced and cost me $550. After that the light did not come on for almost a week. Then started coming on a few times and not it starting to come on all the time again. I really need some help. I have no idea whats going on. I put $1000 into this car and don’t know whats wrong with it. The way it goes on and off it sounds like a wire problem.

Today my brake pedal was grinding while I was pressing it and then the two light came on and the grinding stopped. I’m thinking it had something to do with that.

Would really appreciate it if you guys could give some of your wisdom. It pretty must drives the same. I can’t really tell a difference.

Also what do the lights mean and how dangerous is my problem.Thanks so much.

I had a 98 Intrigue with a similar system and when I drove rapidly on slippery roads it confused the system and these lights flashed. The “grinding” you are hearing is probably the the normal operation of the ABS system.Miner had a switch on the side of the shifter to turn the traction control off if the lights flashing is bothering you.The traction control uses the information from the wheel speed sensors from the abs to stop the wheels from spinning when you step on the gas. I would do without the traction control forever rather than spend $1000 on it.