Tracking / BCS light pops up

'97 Chrysler Concorde 130,000+ miles @ 23-24 miles per gallon

Start car, light is off. Drive up to 15 miles per hour, “ding” sound now see Tracking / BCS light pops up, stays on until you shut off car, then repeat. Everything drives well. Brakes are NOT on.

What is happening? Can this cause any “real damage” driving it around @ higher speeds? Am I burning out the track and/or brakes? Is it a sensor? If so, what type? Can this be repaired? If so, can my local guy (25+ years) do this or would I have to go to dealership (and get raped)?

I am not familiar with a “BCS light”.
Can you clarify this for us?

Tracking / ABS light.

Sorry about that.

Does “tracking” refer to traction control?
If it does, you have to bear in mind that traction control simply works off of the same components and technology as the ABS system. Ergo, it appears that your ABS function is not working.

When ABS is disabled, the brakes will function just like the brakes of yesteryear, prior to the advent of ABS. However, if you are used to having ABS, it would probably be a good idea to have this looked into. Your local mechanic should be able to determine what is wrong with the ABS system.

On the other hand, if “tracking” refers to a vehicle stability system (anti-skid), that is more complex and it may be beyond the ken of your local mechanic. Also, when the car’s Onboard Diagnostic System (OBD) detects a problem, it will disable a vehicle stability system.

So–is “tracking” a traction control system, or is it a vehicle stability system?