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Chrysler and Dodge Cars no Longer Built in USA

Sergio Marchione announced a couple of days ago that Chrysler 200 and Dodge Dart production will cease soon. This means that Chrysler will only build trucks, SUVs, and Jeeps in the USA. The good news is that the two plants involved in this shutdown won’t be shut down. Instead, they will build RAM trucks. Car production will continue in Canada and Mexico for the North American market, but they will not produce the Dart and 200. Anyone have opinions on the demise of Chrysler car production in the USA? I don’t really care, especially since the workers in the affected factories will still build FCA products. I’m also a fan of exporting parts from the US to Mexico and Canada for final assembly.

It was inevitable (added characters to satisfy dumb posting rules).

Doesn’t surprise me one bit. They’ve been on the decline for a few decades.

As already mentioned, it’s not surprising

But it IS sad

It’s amazing, with Mopar having been “handed off” so many times, they seemingly still can’t produce a small car that sells well AND is considered reliable, comfortable, holds its value, etc.

So much for the idea of the Italians “rescuing” Mopar

1 Like is a site devoted to Chrysler, past present and future. That may be another place to see or partake in discussion of this matter.

Do you get paid to promote that site? It seems that redirecting people to message board is the only advice you have to offer.

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Nevada I had the same thought.

Allpar has a good forum and I have used it a lot, not sure if anybody has an alternate motive for redirecting someone there.

Now, Dodge needs to make cars that the owners won’t need the allpar forum as frequently :wink:

I don’t like any diversion of work from US, but in the corporate world you either do well or you die. is a decent website . . . I myself have even spent time over there, even though I’ve never owned a mopar

Advising somebody to check out that website is perfectly fine, IMO

Those guys are focused SOLELY on mopar, and it’s usually not a mistake to say “I’m not an expert, but I can direct you to somebody who is”

I can understand that we may appear to be too stupid to help someone repair a Caravan but why redirect this discussion to another message board?

Umm . . . I don’t recall anybody saying we’re “too stupid” to help

I feel it is implied when the first or second response to a new post is to try somewhere else, others should be given a chance to respond before inviting someone to a different community.

I have no problem with recommending someone try, say, if they have an old VW question, or look for a Miata forum if they’re asking some detailed question about the convertible top not working. Why not?

FWIW . . . I don’t feel insulted

I don’t feel that anybody suggested/implied that I was “too stupid” to help

Maybe somebody else feels slighted . . . but I don’t

I’ll get angry about other things . . . as you all know, by now . . . but not that @shanonia recommend OP check out

Usually when I suggest another forum, I mean searching the other forum since chances are someone has already posted the same and the answer is already there.

For this of you who are old enough; A guy was selling his encyclopedia’s, the buyer asked why are you selling it, he said I got married, wife knows EVERYTHING.

I never intend to say we are “stupid” here.

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Its a sad day folks. Add Chrysler cars to the list of many others.

Lets see… craftsman tools, carrier air conditioners, many appliances, lava lamps, some furniture. Its a sad day indeed.

Knowing of a source for better or more specific information is part of being smart. Smart people know of and use sources beyond their own knowledge, and have no problem referring others to these sources. There is far, far, far, far, far more stuff to be known than any one person could ever know.

The one asking all the questions in the room is generally the smart one.

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What do you mean . . ''no longer ‘’ ?
My 1978 Chrysler Cordoba was clearly posted on the door label . .
made in Canada.
---- 1978 ! -------
not in fine print ,
Not an industry inside secret,
right there in black and white.

Fiat came in like a vampire, to suck Chrysler dry of it’s money, don’t believe for one second they wanted the small cars, all they wanted was the Jeeps.

True, Saul, and a smart business move if I may say so.
Chrysler cars have been in trouble for a very long time. Their Jeep and Ram divisions were/are where the profit was/is. Part of good business is knowing what to move forward with and what to leave behind.

There’s an old axiom: “successful people fail quickly”. What that means is that successful people don’t keep failed ventures languishing hoping the world will change. They recognize the weakness, let it go, and move forward. I believe there’s a lot of wisdom in the old axiom. Fiat IMHO realizes the Chrysler cars have run their course and that Jeeps and Rams are where the money is, so they’ll let Chrysler cars decline and focus their resources on the Jeeps and Rams. Eventually I suspect you’ll see Chrysler cars no longer produced anywhere. In the interim, there may be some Fiats with Chrysler badges, to hold on to the few faithful, but that’ll disappear quickly.