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Chrysler's merger with Fiat

I think that if Chrysler merges with Fiat, it will be the end of Chrysler in a heatbeat.

What do you think? Tom or Ray?

I think Chrysler is dead either way. Fiat is not going to save Chrysler, and Chrysler is unlikely to survive on its own.

Do you know anyone who just can’t wait to get their hands on a new Fiat? How about a Fiat with a Chrysler badge on it?

This merger is too little, too late, IMHO.

If anyone buys Chryco it will be for it’s manufacturing plants and distribution. I don’t think anyone is looking to buy Chryco and keep building the cars/trucks they are currently building.

I imagine Fiat will keep Jeep and Ram pickups, along with the minivans and a portion of the dealers and plants (if the deal goes through). Nissan was talking to Chrysler about selling Rams under the Nissan name.

  • 440 powered Fiat 500 anyone ?

As I wrote in the Aril Fool’s post, Fiat want to re-establish itself in NA without paying anything for it. In the 70’s Renault bought AMC, for the Jeep product line and the distribition channels. We all know that failed miserably. Renault’s engineering just was not good enough, and their grasp of the North American consumer was even worse.

I have very bad vibes about all this; it reminds me of two Alcoholics Anonymous graduates starting a new life together; the odds are not good.

The good things are: Fiat has basically good small car designs and good small engines, especially diesels. What they don’t have is world class quality management and construction skills. And Chrysler does not bring these to the table either.

Agree that Chrysler cars will disappear, Jeeps will stay and be augmented by Fiat’s small jeeps. The minivan will linger on for sone time since the design is new. Some Fiat designs will sell well, especially a good small diesel car to compete with Ford’s new Fiesta.

Fiat owns Ferrari, and they probably don’t need the Viper. No European can afford to fill the tank.

Fiat is in a better position if they don’t merge with Chrysler. If Chrysler declares cheaper 7 bankruptcy, Fiat can mop up the pieces and expand into North America without the hassle of a merger.

I think Fiat would maintain some of the CHrysler line as a pathway back into North America. I also think Chysler has some valuable design talent that Fiat would like to aquire.

Either way, I think our executive branch should keep their noses out of it. Let these companies make the decisiions without interference. If Chrysler is no longer viable, let it go in peace. If Fiat feels there’s value in an acquisition, let them buy Chrysler. “Floating” chrysler for 30 days was not a valid use of our tax dollars.

“Fiat owns Ferrari, and they probably don’t need the Viper. No European can afford to fill the tank.”

Anyone that owns a new Ferrari can afford to fill a Viper tank.

Fiat won’t merge with Chrysler. If they do anything, they will just enter into an agreement to use the dealerships and assembly plants.

If any of the three US companies goes down they will all suffer because they share parts manufacturers.

Mid-engined, I assume.

Precisely right. A company that cannot remain viable should close. Executive branch should keep their noses out of it. Fiat…that adorable car from my past.

Chrysler and GM will both declare bankruptcy in one form or another. Other manufacturers will skim the cream, it will be interesting to watch, as our standard of living is adjusted downwards…

The reason hyphens were invented was to join the words bone and head together. Better to merge with Charmin and build the hemi-powered Wipeout.

Fiat makes great small cars in my experience rented them all over in Europe. Not sure how the gas versions are though. Much better than small domestic rentals. Cobalt is okay but I would not consider small.

That assumes the US government allows an uncontrolled bankruptcy to occur. They would not have stepped in if an uncontrolled receivership was acceptable. The Govies might force the sale of some components and closure of others. It seems to me that the banking business is a decent model for what will occur. Cerebus might end up selling part or all of Chrysler after some of the debt is absorbed by the government. I suspect that GM will end up more or less the same with fewer divisions, but still in the same segments they are in now.

Certainly good for FIAT !
When they were last in the US the main thing that killed them was their terrible dealer network and parts supply - the cars were fine ! I owned a couple of 124 Spyder convertibles and loved them !

I’m not sure that most past US owners of Fiats would agree that the cars “were fine”, but then again, I worked with someone who owned an MG and a Fiat, circa late '70s. According to him, the Fiat was the more reliable of the two cars. Talk about “damning with faint praise”!

For those of us who lived in the Rust Belt at that time, Fiats were considered “biodegradable” cars. My neighbor bought his wife a 137, I think the same design car as the Yugo. When talking to me standing beside the car he rested his foot on the corner of the back bumper and it promptly fell off!.

What Did It Say On Chrysler Parts Boxes? Was It “There’s No Sustitute For Quality”?

At a Dodge Dealer, I’ve seen “There’s no sustitute for quality” and they added “We ought to know, We’ve tried everything else.”

My question is, "What do you get when this meets “Fix It Again Tony!”?

(Seriously though, I’d like Chrysler to succeed. Their products have seen me through good times and bad.)

Chrysler should have hired Lee Iaocca to run the company he once saved it from going bankcrupt? I guess, The way I see the company getting into mess due to lack of customers satisfactions or needs. I don’t understand how excutives really pay attentions to how company runs??? Do they really care?