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Chrome deterioation

my 2009 buick enclave started to show some discoloration on rear chrome strip. the dealer said to wait until spring and then wash /wax it . when i took back this sumer it was even worst. no amount of wax /cleaners would remove it.

the dealer said its not covered by warranty as it appers to be Mag-cloride that the state using during the winter!

i called the department area buick person and they said if the dealer would not honor warranty then thats it.

i use dthe question that Buick doesn’t make cars to survive the winters? My cad does not have this problem.

no other remedy or further discussion would be offered -sorry consumer !

I’m not surprised they refused to cover it under warranty. They’ll consider something like this to be “normal wear and tear”, even though I don’t agree.

Have you searched the internet for a replacement trim part?

no and it seems to be on the taillight chrome also