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Could it be a short?

I have a 2008 Buick Enclave purchased new and have nothing but problems with it. Have very low miles since I live very close to work and basically it hasn’t been driven hard. From the beginning have had problems with A/C unit and Buick has agreed to extend the warranty on the A/C. However, just recently I turned 50,000. and now the rear taillight on the drivers side replaced…no biggy , but now the driver side headlamp out. The bulb is 99.00 alone and I have been told I have to take it to the dealer in order to have it changed. The dealer told me that the bumper has to be removed to get to the housing and the minimal charge begins at 110.00. Are you kidding me, just to replace a light bulb I am looking at over 200.00 on a Buick. Now I noticed that the turning lights on that same side is going out. Could I just have a short in the fuse out? I have heard that the 2008 enclaves have had some problems.

lights blowing after four years is not an indication of a serious problem. But you’re getting robbed by the dealer. Find a reputable independently owned and operated shop and start taking it there for all lnonwarranty work.

See the attached link for a better idea iof what your bulbs should cost.

If you have High Intensity Discharge (HID) headlamps, the price for the part is in the ballpark. I’d sell it for about $80. I’ve never replaced one on an Enclave, but my labor guide shows 1.8 hours of time to remove bumper cover and accessories to remove and replace headlamp assembly for bulb service. There’s probably an easier or faster way, but it would still be no less than the minimum half-hour at 90/hr.

I really don’t like how difficult you are saying it is to get to the bulb. My folks had a buick and it had all sorts of electrical problems. Furthermore, you had to rock the engine to change the spark plugs. I will never own a buick, because they design it so it sucks to work on.

Don’t you all just love the modern headlamps. The manufacturers have designed cars that have to be disassembled just to replace a light bulb. Almost two hours just to replace a light bulb!!!

Back in the old days, I could buy a new lamp in my choice of SAE or Euro for a few dollars and pocket change. I could have “E code” for just an additional dollar or two. Five minutes with a screwdriver later I had a new properly aimed lamp.

So could someone explain to me how this can be called progress?

As someone else has already pointed out, it is not unheard-of for bulbs to burn out after 4 years.

And, unfortunately many modern vehicles require an incredible amount of labor to access and replace headlight bulbs which–if they are HID bulbs–can themselves be very pricey. The end result is that it can cost a couple of hundred $$ to replace a headlight bulb on some vehicles.

I just hope the OP realizes that, “Have very low miles since I live very close to work and basically it hasn’t been driven hard” is not necessarily a good thing. Cars which are driven solely in those types of conditions are actually being exposed to the most damaging type of service, and should be maintained as per the mfr’s Severe Service Maintenance Schedule in order to avoid major engine problems. If this vehicle isn’t taken out on the highway at least once a week for a drive of at least 40 minutes, the engine could now contain an incredible amount of damaging oil sludge.

I urge the OP to open his/her Owner’s Manual, read the details of the Severe Service Maintenance Schedule, and be sure that the car is maintained in accordance with that schedule, rather than the “normal” maintenance schedule.

I notice on some of the enthusiast forums youngsters are replacing the halogen headlights on their econo-boxes with HID.
There’s lots of kits on ebay, mostly junk I’m sure.

What’s wrong with these people!?!?

Absolutely nothing. They’re young.

Oh…that’s nothing…when I was young…I put front air-scoop and a rear spoiler on my Chevy Vega…Talk about foolish…but it was fun.

Not long ago there was a thread on here about a Lexus and its $2,000 headlight replacement.

It’s not a Buick problem, it’s a problem with all the manufacturers. Customers seem to want fancy headlights, LED accents, etc. etc. (which I’m now seeing has crept down from Audi to Ford and Kia, among others…) There are times I’m very glad to still drive a vehicle with sealed beam halogen headlights. A few bucks and 10 minutes with a screwdriver and I’m back in business.

I guess it’s a good thing I didn’t get a car until I was 21.
Sooner than that I would have taken it apart without noting how the pieces went together

Hey Mike, did you use the spoiler from JC Whitney?

I think it was from JC Whitney…Not sure though…that was a LOOOONG time ago.