2015 Buick Encore - Paint issues

The paint on the rear passenger side trim around the tailgate window & on the frame immediately adjacent to the window is peeling off. I parked my car while meeting up with a friend 7 when I returned a big chunk of paint had peeled off. This is a 2015 base model Buick Encore which I bought used. I have owned it for 4 years at the end of December, 2022.

I Am guessing you are venting more than asking a question. but GM has had problems with paint peeling problems, and so have other manufacturers.
being your vehicle is out of the warranty period GM will not help you. there have been many class action lawsuits for this problem. if you decide to get it fixed on your own, save the receipts because you never know if there will be a recall in the future. unfortunately, I do not think there will be one.


Peeled off while the car was parked? Glue the piece back on.
Just out of curiosity what is a “friend 7”? And is it relevant to the paint peeling off?


This may be a sign that there was poorly repaired damage before you owned the car.


Can we be clear on something?

Is the paint peeling off of the sheetmetal?

Or is the paint peeling off of a trim piece or moulding?

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Sheet metal. Patch is the size of my hand. Very clean gray primer that was underneath is what is now showing.There are a lot of reports online with Buick Encore & Chevrolet Trax where paint is peeling off, especially on blue cars (my car is blue). GM only warranties their paint for 3 years. They know there is a problem but since there is no legal mandate to fix it because it isn’t a safety issue they won’t stand behind their product.

Thank you for the additional information :smiley:

I’d file a complaint with GM (on the off chance they do anything and if needed for any class action lawsuit) and then I’d get it fixed.

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Take pictures and send them to GM with your complaint about the paint flaking. If you hae the paint flake (flakes) look at the back of it to see if it is gray or top coat color. If it’s gray it means the paint failed in the primer. If it’s top cost color it means poor top coat adhesion. GM needs to know that, and you should send them those photos too.

Thanks for the suggestion but I don’t have the paint that came off. I was with a friend who has Parkinsons & tried not to overreact at the time so that I didn’t stress her out. Most of the reports I have read about this problem with GM have stated that it was top coat adhesion. I will take pics & follow up with GM but when I spoke with a local Buick dealer they told me GM is aware of the issue & they only warranty the paint for 3 years. I have also read that the GM exec responsible for procurement of paint & chemical components of the paint changed their formula to a less expensive, less sturdy formula in order to save GM money. My car is a 2015, so beyond the warranty.

There should be information on how to contact GM directly in your owner’s manual. Have you found it?

Yes, I have it. I tried the buick dealer first because I had hoped there might be a recall.