Chirpping noise from sterring wheel

I just bought a used car from a dealership, I had it state inspected

When driving and when going over a bump or uneven road, a chirp/skip comes from the steering wheel. I can?t quite locate the noise, I think it comes form the left hand side or below the steering wheel. At 1st I thought it was the CD player or radio skipping but I have turned it off while driving to hear the noise.

Also the previous owner was a smoker, the dealership didn?t? do a good job cleaning and vacuuming the car. I plan on have the car detailed inside, every time I turn up the heat the car smells more like cigarettes. Is there a way to get rid of the smoke, the car is a 2006 mercury Milan

Check to make sure this isn’t just a piece of trim that is a little out of place.

There are some smells that will not be cleared by detailing.

JEM (a long time poster on this forum) suggested another poster on here today contact a fire recovery unit to find what they use to seal smells.

I know what they use for sealing the smells from floors when messy carpet and underlay has been removed, same goes for smoked walls. Trouble is this stuff I used can’t be put on carpets or upholstery.