A Buzz Kill

I have a 2007 Mercury Milan with 24500 miles. When I’m driving and accelerate between 20-25 I hear a buzzing noise like hair clippers. Noise stops then starts again when I accelerate between 35 and 40; stops and then starts again between 45 and 50. After 50 mph the noise stops. It does not make the noise when the car is in park and I press the accelerator. Other than that the car performs fine. Any idea what it could be?

You have not told us such details as where the noise seems to come from. My guess is it comes from behind the dash or is caused by the dash itself. Looose plastic panels are a common cause of such noises. Drive with a friend who will try to locate the source of the noise while you put the car through its paces.

My exhaust sometimes produces a small rattle when the engine revs are just right. Harmonic frequencies? I dunno.

Thank you. You’re right. It does seem to come from the front of the car near the dash board. I was hoping it just wasn’t the engine.

Since it’s an 07 it’s likely under warranty (actually, it better still be under warranty.) Take it to the dealer and tell them to fix it for free. If they say it’s ‘normal,’ ask to test drive a similar car on the lot and see if it makes the same sound. If it doesn’t, then the sounds isn’t normal, and again, have the dealer fix it for free.