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Chirping Stops When I Press Brakes

My 2005 Subaru WRX has been making a chirping sound for a while now. It only happens when I go on fairly long-ish drives (15+ minutes) and stops when I press on the brakes, only to resume when I let go of the brake.

I took it to two mechanics and no one can figure out what’s wrong with it. I have a brand new baby and don’t feel safe driving her around in the car.

Thank you so much for any input. I really appreciate it.

These symptoms are a pretty good indication that your brake pads (front, or rear, or both) are badly worn.

If your mechanics did not pull front and rear wheels in order to check the condition of your brake pads, that is a very good indication that you need a new mechanic, as well as new brake pads.

He changed them, but it hasn’t stopped. There’s also an acrid smell that occasionally comes, last for a few seconds and then goes away.

Thanks so far.

The brake calipers could be sticking, making the brakes overheat. That would explain the chirping and smell.

Thanks. I will suggest that to him. Appreciate it.