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2015 Ford Taurus chirps loudly

Loud chirping noise, seems to be coming from one of the wheels or axle. Only happens when the weather is cold and when the car is up to about 40 MPH plus. Last for a couple of minutes and goes away. The problem recurs after sitting overnight or if the car is sitting for more than four hours.

Have your brakes checked.

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If the noise goes away when the brake pedal is depressed, then that is a pretty definite sign that the OP is hearing the audible brake wear indicators. If the brakes pads are not in need of replacement, then I would suggest that you have the wheel bearings checked. Either way, this is a safety issue, so you shouldn’t delay in having a mechanic check the brakes and/or the wheel bearings.


A bad or loose serpentine belt can chirp when it is cold.

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Yes, that too!