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Chipmunk Living Under Hood!

I have discovered that a chipmunk has set up shop in my 2002 VW Passat. This is not a junker - this is my every day car that I cummute 100 miles in every day. I started having leaf particles blow into my car throguh the vents. When I accessed the air filter and fan motor I discovered a hole chewed through the filter and a nest of leaves, grass and twigs at the bottom of the air intake duct. It then dawned on me to check into some every increasing rattling heard when opening the hood. I have also discovered that the inside of the hood is stocked with acorns! Has anyone experienced this? If so, what is a good remedy? Do I need to hide poison throguout the engine compartment - or - even add a steel screen over the filter?

Read the postings about the squirrel in the minivan :slight_smile:

Only every tenth person. Sometimes, the chipmunks that blow up the airbags when there is an accident will move to other areas.

Nix on the poison, unless you relish the thought of having one of those critters die in the most in-accesible hidden compartment of your car where it will rot and stink to high heaven for the next couple of months.